About us


The idea of ​​FlexStudio was conceived by KD and Michal - two enthusiasts with many years of experience passionate about digital product design and development. Our vision is to empower businesses with creative and effective digital solutions that enhance their brand image and drive growth, operating all over the world, and helping the company translate values and experience into the language of the digital world. It is important for us to act creatively and unconventionally, creating memorable solutions.


We have many years of multidisciplinary competence in the design and implementation of digital products. Our experience is particularly focused on brand creation, UX and UI design, e-commerce design, product management, and business analysis. We do not limit ourselves and we are flexible. Our wide technological background allows us to choose the best solutions for the needs of our partners.

Philosophy & Values

Our main value is flexibility, adjusting our experience to the client's needs. We operate in an unconventional way, emphasizing the creativity of our projects and creating an experience that is supposed to go far beyond the visual aspect, it is supposed to build emotions. At FlexStudio, we believe that positive relationships are the foundation of great design. That's why we strive not only to create products that our clients love, but to form lasting partnerships based on trust and mutual respect.